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Bohol: Heart of the Islands, Truly Philippines

Just over an hour by fast ferry from bustling Cebu is Bohol, an island with its own rustic charm and hospitality.   Bohol’s own unique appeal enables it to stand at par with its progressive neighbor. In fact, a trip to Cebu is never complete without going to Bohol.

Bohol certainly has many aces up its sleeves that tourists cannot resist.

Bohol is the site of the famous Chocolate Hills and home to the cute and diminutive primate Philippine Tarsiers.

While the recent earthquake has caused ravage on many of its structures, the centuries-old churches all over the province are a must-see. Foremost of which is Baclayon, the oldest Jesuit Church in the Philippines.

For the beach lovers, Panglao Island is the best stop with its white-sand beaches. For the food and nature trippers, enjoying a hearty meal while on cruise at the unspoiled Loboc River is a wonderful experience.

Of course, a trip to Bohol is never complete without bringing home the famous Peanut Kisses.

Fiesta Souvenirs truly capture Bohol at its nature’s best!